Cultural Requests

 Please read through the request guidelines in full before requesting one of our presenters. Indigenous Education Program is here to serve the Central Okanagan Public schools in the best and most timely way possible, and when we collaborate  on planning, we can make the most impact for all of our learners.

Central Okanagan public schools Cultural Program

*See below for a request form with a list of cultural programs offered.*
*Cultural Programming for teaching staff in the Central Okanagan School District only*

We are revamping our program to better fit teachers and the redesigned curriculum. In 2018-2019, teachers in the Central Okanagan Public School District will be provided opportunities to take ownership of Indigenous learning in the classroom. This will mean that there will be less presentations by Program staff, but more resources for educators in our District.

Indigenous Cultural Events Cost Sharing Indigenous targeted dollars will be shared with the district to provide classroom cultural presentations and whole school cultural performances.
There will be an allotting 6 classroom presentations per school, or/ one whole school presentation. This is on a first come first serve basis. Please discuss with your staff the most advantageous use of your dollars and contact us as early as possible.

If a school requests more than the 6 presentations, the school will be charged in full for any additional presentations.
All payment goes through the SD 23 Finance Department and your accounts will be automatically debited at months end. A copy of the summary will be mailed to your school.

Procedure for accessing Cultural Programming:

  1. Email request form (See below) to the Cultural Program Coordinator, Deanna Necan,

  2. You will receive a confirmation that your request is received, as well as a cost share agreement that must be signed by the principal.

  3. Your presentation will be automatically billed and electronically withdrawn from your school account by the School District Finance Dept.


SAMPLE Charges:
Classroom Activities and Presentations from presenters outside of Indigenous Education Department - $45.00 to $75.00/hr depending on request 
School Assemblies/Presentations - $250.00 - $500.00

Indigenous Presenter from the Indigenous Cultural Department - $1 per student for the first 6 presentations at the school and $2 per student after 6 presentations

​The Indigenous Cultural Program facilitates the integration of Indigenous cultural materials and presentations for classrooms K - 12, through appropriate field trips, presenters and other resources.

To access the Cultural Program, phone the Indigenous Education Office or contact the local Indigenous Student Advocate in your school.

Please see the explanations and request forms below.

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