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Canoe update!

Well, we are sad to put an end to our canoe carving project for the end of the school year. We were hopeful that we could finish at least one of the canoes before summer, but COVID did take a toll on our canoe carving. The canoe will be completed in September when we are able to have students back in the building (hopefully). This will give the students who started the project, or had a hand in the process to be a part of the canoe completion.

We have come a long way with the carving since we had our first strikes at our big cottonwood log in the middle of a snow storm. The photo on the left is a MBSS student taking off the top of the log with the big axe, and the photo on the left is the most recent picture of the same log as it stands right now.

The canoes are so close to being completed, and we even had some students learning to use some power tools to speed up the process, but we could not get it completed.

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