Invigorated by the present

The Central Okanagan Public School District and the Indigenous Education Program proudly serve 2864 Indigenous students across the Okanagan valley.

The Program includes:

  • Academic advising, coaching, and support

  • Career Planning

  • Cultural teachings

  • Goal setting

  • Personal and emotional support

  • Nsyilxcen language

  • Liaison with parents, guardians, and community agencies

Under the leadership of the District Principal of Indigenous Education, direct support is offered by the following staff members:

 Indigenous Student Advocates, as per Central Okanagan Public Schools' Indigenous Enhancement Agreement, provide:

  • Emotional, social, and academic support (K-12)

  • Link between home and school

  • goal setting and career planning opportunities

  • home, community, and school liaison

  • Cultural connections

Cultural Coordinator and Cultural Assistants:

  • Provide speakers and resources for classrooms

  • Organize cultural events and field trips

  • Coordinate presentations to parent groups and School District staff

 Indigenous Education Resource Support Teacher K-12/Consultant

  • Facilitate the integration of Indigenous culture and history in all curriculum areas (K-12) by providing support to teachers and Advocates

  • Provide leadership programs and opportunities for Middle and Secondary schools

Teacher Tutors

  • Provide academic support to middle and secondary schools

Okanagan Language Teacher and Okanagan Language Instructor/Presenter

  • Facilitate the integration of the Okanagan language into the classroom and assist in writing the Okanagan language curriculum

Youth and Family Counselor

  • Provide support and services to middle school students and families

Okanagan Indigenous Education

Our staff is here to help Indigenous students be safe, included, and successful in and out of our schools.